Three things that increase a home’s value:


Spring is right around the corner, and most people don’t know what they should and shouldn’t do to increase their home’s value.  These three things will not only increase the value, but there is a good chance if you have these three things your home will be worth up to 10% more than your neighbor!




      A cosmetically updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances


If your kitchen just needs a little sprucing, you don’t have to rip your whole kitchen out. Start by looking at your cabinets. Are they outdated? A little goes a long way. Simply replace the hardware for a new and updated look.  A fresh coat of neutral paint to tie your flooring and counter tops together is another easy way to update your kitchen.  If your appliances are old and you need to replace them anyway, replacing them with stainless steel will also increase the value of your home.  If stainless steel is not in your budget make sure that all the appliances are the same color.






 A cosmetically updated bathroom


Next, move on to the bathroom. Again, less is more! First get rid of any clutter in the bathroom, no one wants to look at a bathroom and think “dirty.” Add a fresh coat of neutral color paint such as beige or ivory.  Are your cabinets outdated? Replace the hardware to change the look.  Another easy update is simply replacing the shower curtain!




A clean and painted basement


Most people don’t think about the basement, but this step can make even the scariest basement look clean and appealing. Basements should be free of clutter, if you need to use your basement for storage, make sure everything is boxed and organized on shelves.  Now comes the important part, paint!  Paint the walls white and the floor a dark color, I recommend renting a paint sprayer, it will go much faster and will ensure you get in all the nooks, especially in a stone basement.  I promise, this will give your whole basement a bright and cheery look!


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