When purchasing a home, I want to make sure that you are comfortable, happy, and get to the closing table…but in most cases, that depends on the approval of your loan.

There are many lenders and banks that will promise you big things but do not deliver. I meet many buyers that want to get through the preapproval process as quickly as they can, and there are many online lenders or local lenders that will ask you a couple questions and preapprove you, based on that info.

Wouldn’t you rather take an extra hour getting the lender documents so they can do their due diligence? Wouldn’t you rather be reasonably certain they will be able to deliver on what they say?  

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for a buyer to know who to trust without a referral from either family/friend or your favorite Real Estate Expert. Who better to ask?!  We deal with all sorts of lenders in our business and we have developed opinions on who delivers on their promises…and….who doesn’t. Not everyone is a good fit either, as your real estate expert we get to know you, we know which lender will deliver the kind of customer service you need. Talk with the preferred lenders that your agent recommends, ask questions, and compare rates so that when purchasing your new home, you feel confident in your financial decision. A great expert lender can make a huge difference in a transaction.

Keep in mind: Just because someone gives you a pre-approval letter easily, doesn’t mean that they can close the deal.

If you are thinking about purchasing a home, and would like to know who my preferred lenders are… Let’s Talk!



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